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View Full Version : For resellers - the only analog/ip surveillance dvr field serviceable and upgradable

Michael Sherman
11-30-2009, 12:53 PM

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, at present, accessories are the most profitable product category in Consumer Electronics retail. Also, the security business is holding up better than other parts of the economy. Driven by recent widespread advances in product offerings and pricing, IP video surveillance product sales are forecasted to increase by 200% total between 2010 and 2012, significantly overtaking analog CCTV sales.

The key to satisfying these needs is the base video surveillance mass storage DVR system and software. No wonder it is the single fastest growing technology in the security industry today, particularly IP-based systems.

When coupled with any analog camera or over 500 different models of multiple IP digital video security cameras and a choice of included powerful network connectivity, control and analytic software, new high-quality low priced systems now offer resellers DVR solutions to fill this ever-growing need in the security industry.

PAM Distributing (http://pamdist.com)™, a warehousing electronics industry wholesaler, is now offering for distribution and sale by new Dealers, Distributors, Installers, Integrators and Contractors, the next level in video surveillance from SeeStation (http://seestation.com)™. SeeStation just introduced their new high resolution multi-featured Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVR security solutions. Until now, SeeStation has limited the sale of this proprietary PC based DVR equipment to its parent company, Pam Distributing.

Randy Walker, owner of PAM Distributing and SeeStation said, “We are currently looking for top quality distributors and integrators in different areas to partner with us on the entire SeeStation Line.” “We see IP surveillance as a major opportunity over the coming year. We want to assist resellers in breaking into this market and building their skills in preparation. We believe 2010 will be the year IP surveillance really takes off.”

The Next Level in Video Surveillance™


1. Basic DVR
Serving 4 - 8 cameras
With up to 120 fps
And 250GB HD (Upgradable)
● Home Security
● Small Offices
● Small Stores

2. Pro DVR
Serving 4 - 16 cameras
With up to 480 fps
And a 500GB HD (Upgradable)
● Small Offices
● Small Stores
● Small Restaurants
● Convenience Stores

3. Pro-LS DVR
Serving 4 - 16 cameras
With up to 480 fps
And a 1TB HD
● Small Offices
● Small Stores
● Small Restaurants
● Convenience Stores

4. Commercial DVR
Serving 8 - 32 cameras
With up to 960 fps
And a 1.5TB HD (Upgradable)
● Retail Stores
● Parts Stores
● Grocery Stores
● Warehouses

5. Enterprise DVR
Serving 8 - 64 cameras
With up to 1920 fps
And a 4TB HD (Upgradable)
● Car Dealerships
● Schools
● Banks
● Government Institutions
● Casinos

All Are Loaded With Features*

● Full Featured Windows Operating System provides maximum control over all system’s functions
● Pentiplex functionality allows simultaneous viewing of live, remote live, archived, remote archive and extract archive, without interrupting recording ability
● Simple user interface (Novice computer users require little training)
● Simple and fast archive search and retrieval
● Control relay outputs on screen with mouse pointer
● Enhanced Proprietary MPEG-4 and/or H.264 high quality compression for small file sizes
● Remote monitoring for recording, playback, extraction, camera control, and more
● Can be configured into a website for remote viewing
● Multiple Custom camera views (from 1 to 16) Pre-alarm setting up to 10 seconds
● Set: user access, frame rate, and picture resolution per channel
● Archive file export is fast and easy in AVI Format to play in Microsoft Media Player
● Video archives time chart can be divided as low as 1 second increments or frame by frame for precise video retrieval
● Programmable Dynamic views
● Create and store unlimited custom views
● Spot monitor RCA output with real time raw live video
● Plug and Play camera detection
● Remote Client Preview mode with “Always on Top” option. Camera view stays on top of other applications
● Supports combined use of color and b/w cameras
● Up to 16 audio channel recording on all models
● Up to 16 alarm inputs and 16 relay outputs on all models
● Remote client provides log in for up to 16 different servers simultaneously
● Pre-programmable views to view 64 different channels at 16 different locations on one screen
● Number of remote users virtually unlimited
● Complete password protection for all local and remote users. Feature by feature security provides each user access to only what they need
● Hide specified cameras from specific users
● Set up of event, motion, or alarm recording per camera
● Recording may be set to manual 24/7 or triggered by motion, alarm, event, or schedule
● Motion detection sensitivity rate may be setup under motion detection function
● Motion masking allows user to set up specific area of camera view to trigger motion recording
● Multiple built in PTZ Dome Camera protocol including Pelco D through RS485 and Kalatel through RS422
● PTZ control by DVR software using USB Joystick/Keyboard/Mouse combination PTZ
● E-Map editor to import, export, and edit
● E-mail notification of alarm, event, or motion with optional screen shots included
● Multiple language menu support
● Network hardware support 10/100Base T
● Software support for static TCP/IP, DHCP, PPPoE and DDNS
● Allows for remote connection even to Dynamic IP addresses where static address is either not available or cost prohibitive
● Optional POS Module

*Depending on which software you choose, some features may vary.

Every SeeStation video recording system can be custom configured for any particular application. Not only that, they can expand and grow with any company, being the ONLY Analog/IP Audio/Video Surveillance DVR in the industry designed to be field serviceable and upgradable by qualified technicians, greatly decreasing down time.

For those customers who cannot or do not want local technicians to upgrade or repair their DVRs, SeeStation has in-house manufacturing, service and repair facilities in Tulsa and offers 24 to 48 hour normal repair and upgrade turnaround time, compared to 2 to 4 weeks through other distributors.

To position reseller’s customers to be better prepared to upgrade from analog to IP video, SeeStation also offers UTP based Smart Technology Cabling Products. When used on new Analog installations, this wiring infrastructure allows end users to later add IP cameras without the need to further upgrade wiring, a considerable savings in time and money. The UTP Smart Home Products provide the means to convert and transmit today’s high tech A/V signals 100’s of feet over this inexpensive UTP CAT5 cable instead of the very expensive and complex cables now used. Being able to monitor video feeds from multiple cameras deployed across multiple locations on the network is another factor that is fuelling this growth.

A Full Featured Windows Operating System provides maximum control over all SeeStation system functions. “Our systems have the ability to watch live video, playback footage, and switch to and report abnormal events all on separate monitors at the same time” said Walker, “Every one of our systems is able to show the location and direction of each camera connected to the system, which makes it simple and quick to find where an anomaly occurs, for quicker response times.”

And the markets in which video security is expanding from home, industry, health facilities, education, municipalities and business are endless. With growing security concerns, video surveillance is now becoming a necessity.

And some vertical markets are being driven by regulatory and legislative mandates. In industries such as warehousing and transport, video surveillance is now essential to meet compliance regulations and insurance requirements.

"Hospitals are spending millions of dollars to comply with HIPAA”, said Walker, referring to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which, among other things, requires hospitals to keep track of who enters and exits certain areas and when.

Surveillance systems in this day and age need to offer longer record retention times, better coverage through multiple camera input channels, higher image resolution, increased FPS (frames-per-second) technology and minimized down-time for upgrades and repairs, to meet the requirements of today's security systems installers. SeeStation fills all of these needs.

SeeStation offers Tech Support and Technical Training
for the life of these products

The Next Level in Video Surveillance™

Call Today
PAM Distributing at 800-888-8101
Or send an email to sales@pamdist.com.

Download the November SeeStation Catalogue Sheets (http://www.pamdist.com/press%20releases/PAM-SS%20DVR%20Camera%20Catalog%2011-24-09%20Std3%20Res%20-%20No%20Prices.pdf).

For wholesale prices, please call Randy Walker at SeeStation at 918-872-1524

11-30-2009, 02:49 PM
:thumbsup: A line of business I always considered going into.

11-30-2009, 11:21 PM
DVRs..... :BangHead: I have to build 3 of them by weeks end for ATM machines. I hate them,everything has to be so tight to use as little space as possible. Yup,my knuckles will be all scarred up for the weekend. Oh well,it pays the bills. :thumbsup: